Home Décor: What is trending for 2022?

We are all still spending more time in our homes and not only have we had to reconfigure our schedules but for many of us, our homes have been reconfigured into home offices and distance learning locations. All the togetherness of the past year and a half has caused many of us to rethink the design, décor, and layout of our homes from how it looks to how it functions.

2022 Home Décor

Heading into 2022, we are seeing 6 design trends that revolve around color, comfort, coziness, and convenience. Trends include :

1) Earthy Neutrals

2) Lighter Wood Tones

3) A Space of Our Own

4) Comfortable Family Friendly

5) Natural Fabrics and Textures

6) Cozy layers of bedding and window treatments

Earthy Neutrals

Earthy Neutrals Warm-Up Interiors Moving Into 2022

From Sherwin Williams's announcement of their 2022 Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog, an earthy grayish-green to the revival in popularity of one of their classic paint colors; Accessible Beige, color has been warming up from the greys we have seen for years. Even the greys are featuring warm undertones and are being combined with warm creamy whites like Alabaster and accent colors like  Woven Wicker and Bakelite Gold. All creating a comforting palette that blends well with the popular lighter wood tone trend and works well with an accent of black whether in accessories, hardware, or window frames.

Not only is the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, a shade of green, but green has been trending throughout 2021 and looks to remain a top choice in paint colors. From dark deep moody tones to lighter sage greens, it brings the outdoors in and is a color that lends its soothing comforting magic to any space. Look for it on kitchen cabinets, laundry and mudroom walls, and separate home office spaces.

Wood Tones

Wood Tones Lighten Up!

Wood tones on cabinets and floors have been trending toward light colors for the past couple of years and this trend will continue for several reasons. One, they are more natural in color and two they are much easier to keep clean. Lighter floors don’t show footprints and are tracked in the dirt like darker floors. The lighter wood tones also pair nicely with the natural paint colors that are trending and can warm up a space.

Everyone Needs A Space Of Their Own

Wow, if anything has changed within our homes over the past year and a half, it is how we use the spaces within our four walls! Rooms that were once seldom used except to entertain or grab a bite as we rushed out the door are now gathering places where we all work and dine in the same place. This constant togetherness, while meaningful, has led us to rethink our open floorplans. Home designers are seeing a trend back to separate rooms and spaces. Whether it is a large kitchen with designated prep, work, dine, and study space or a separate spare bedroom turned into a private home office or home school space. As much as we love our time together we all yearn for a quiet place whether it is a window seat or nook, where we can sit and relax, read a book or look at our newest design magazine.

Make it Comfortable and Family Friendly

Comfortable and Family Friendly

Comfort and family-friendly materials are essential in these spaces. Now more than ever, we LIVE in our spaces. We eat at home more and the kids play inside more. This requires comfortable, yet durable home furnishings. The good news is there are a variety of family-friendly fabrics available that will handle spills and messes.

When choosing window treatments, you will also want to consider durability and how easy they are to maintain. Two great options are kid-friendly Composite shutters and Roller shades. The composite shutter is moisture resistant, very easy to clean and its polypropylene finish is guaranteed to not crack chip or warp, and you never have to paint it! This smooth finish makes it a dream to clean! And of course, shutters are naturally cordless so they are child and pet-friendly.

Rather have a product you can roll up and enjoy a little natural light or keep an eye on the kids playing outside? Roller Shades are a great option. They are available cordless or motorized and because they hang vertically in the window they don’t gather dust as blinds do. Less cleaning and dusting and their surface is easy to wipe off when needed. Plus, automating the shades helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature adding to its energy efficiency!

Natural Fabrics and Materials Add Texture

From nubby linens and boucle’s to woven textured pillows, fringed throws, and shaggy rugs, texture adds a layer of comfort to your home. With the trend toward natural colors and bringing nature indoors, we will continue to see the use of natural elements in furnishing and décor. From rattan and wicker furniture, easy to care for dried arrangements (no watering needed!), to bamboo, reeds, and jute woven into stylish window shades, natural fibers and material will be popular in homes throughout 2022.

Layers of Comfort and Coziness

Layers of Comfort and Coziness

Nothing says comfort like a bed layered with the texture and warmth of linens. Just like you layer on clothing to keep you warm, layers of bedding do the same thing providing comfortable options throughout the year. From smooth natural cotton sheets to lightweight blankets and comforting quilts a layered bed makes your room look cozy and comfortable. A welcome relief after a stressful day.

Add a layer of convenience and comfort with automated shades and custom draperies. Custom draperies with the choice of the perfect lining help block heat, light, and sound, adding to the peaceful ambiance of your room. And with the addition of automation, your shades will close with a touch of a bedside remote or an app on your phone. For the ultimate convenience close your shades or drapes with the sound of your voice, “Alexa, close my shades”. Budget Blinds offers a complete Smart Home Collection of window treatments.

To see all the products and options available in the Smart Home Collection, find your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. They bring the samples to you along with their knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect window treatments for your home for 2022 and beyond. To find your local consultant simply go to budgetblinds.com and enter your zip code, you can request a consultation online or give them a call. Our goal is to help you find window treatments that fit your style, your home, and your budget!

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