Budget Blinds is Proud to Honor our Everyday Heroes

For centuries, heroes have come to symbolize greatness, and they have come in many forms. From the mythical Roman god Hercules, to the superheroes of Marvel, to the brave first responders of 9/11, society has embraced those who take great risk to help save others who may find themselves in harm’s way. Yet all too often it seems we forget to honor those who, on an almost daily basis, are on the frontlines - putting their lives at risk, to keep our communities running safely. Budget Blinds, a leader in the window coverings industry, recently partnered with their franchisees, along with internal Home Franchise Concepts® (HFC) and JM Family associates, to initiate an Essential Worker contest to honor those who continue to sacrifice during these difficult times. After receiving numerous worthy nominees from throughout the six main regions (Pacific/Rockies, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Canada), along with nominees from HFC and the JM Family, eight winners were chosen, and awarded a window covering makeover, courtesy of Budget Blinds.

“This is what we signed up for.”

Individually, the eight winners include nurses, a doctor, a cleaning service associate, a package delivery driver, an emergency response services employee, and a grocery store employee. Collectively, they reflect how a broad, diverse range of society continues to meet today’s challenges head-on, with a spirit and attitude that reminds us all, “we are indeed in this together and we will prevail.” Showing great resolve, Angela, a Registered Nurse says, “Of course we get scared. But this is what we signed up for.” Elizabeth, an EMS Lieutenant, says, “Yes, it’s scary. I’ve gone into burning buildings less afraid than the homes I’m going into with COVID.”  And Tammy, a grocery store employee says, “It pains me to see so many people in long lines just to get their essentials. But I just put on my protective gear and say to my co-workers, “it’s showtime everyone…let’s go.”  We asked each of our winners what it means to be a hero, yet they were reluctant to be called one. Bobby, a medical doctor, says, “To me, a hero is just someone who, despite the conditions they are presented with, does their very best.” Dean, who delivers packages, also downplays the accolade. “I just like seeing the smile on faces when I deliver their packages,” he says.  Other winners have similar views on what it means to serve during such challenging times, and while thousands of others put themselves at risk to ensure our safety and keep our communities running, they are all bound together by taking pride in putting others first.

Meet our heroes and hear their stories.

Budget Blinds has created short videos on each of our winners, as each describes their work and reacts to being selected as a contest winner. We invite you and others to check out our Facebook and Instagram channels and hear what it means to them to serve unselfishly and see their reaction as it’s revealed they are receiving their new window covering makeover. Although it is a small token of appreciation on our part, the smiles and joy these makeovers bring to these essential workers speaks volumes. We hope you enjoy their stories as much as we did!

Angela and James

Betty and James

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