Be Unique with Non-Conventional Window Coverings

Create your own visual style … let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”-Orson Welles, Actor  

You can express your style many different ways from your clothing to your hairstyle; you can even expand it to your window coverings. Many people think that window coverings have to be traditional but the truth is, you can find unique window treatments that will elevate your home’s décor. Budget Blinds® wants you to find the perfect window treatment to express your individuality. Here are some unique styles:

Faux iron
Faux iron is a fun way to cover your windows. Faux iron designs are custom built for any shape or size window. There are unlimited creative possibilities when used for windows, ceilings, doors, exteriors, pass-throughs, room dividers, transoms, skylights and as decorative wall décor. They are made from eco-friendly materials that are very flexible and lightweight and can be used both indoors and outside because they are moisture resistant, rot, and rust resistant and fire retardant. Faux iron is extremely low-maintenance and easy to clean, always a plus for window treatments.

Window Film and Decorative Window Film
Decorative window film is a beautiful solution to cover your windows. It allows you to turn your windows into an artistic expression. You can achieve a simple look with a small design or create a stained glass window appearance with something more intricate. There are plenty of options to match your style. Decorative window film looks gorgeous and protects you from harmful UV rays, sun glare and provides you privacy. Window film blocks 40% of the sun’s rays protecting your home’s furnishings.

Sheer Shades
Sheer shades are an extremely unique window covering that offers the privacy of shade with the visibility of a sheer. Sheer shades diffuse light while maintaining privacy due to its two layers of soft woven fabrics.  They come in neutral tones with light-filtering patterns as well as darker colors with room-darkening patterns. Sheer shades are designed with an elegant valance to hide your shade for a completely unhindered view to the outside when opened. Lastly, to add more convenience to your life your shades can be motorized.

Graphic Shades
Budget Blinds wants to provide you with graphic shades that reflect your personality. You can have any image from team logos to art pieces printed on your shades. These shades can be placed into any room including kids’ rooms, game rooms, and outdoor patios. Graphic shades will add a personal touch to your windows while providing you multiple benefits. They allow you to control incoming light with different levels of opacity from light-filtering to blackout. They will block out harmful UV rays while protecting your furnishings. These shades will “wow” with their design, and adding motorization will provide you with the ultimate convenience while looking cool.

Now those are some unique window coverings! Your home should be a reflection of your personal style so why not extend that style statement to your windows? Tell us your favorite unique window treatment in the comments below.

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