2022 Pantone Colors of the Year

Keep your interior design on-trend for 2022 with help from Pantone's color of the year. Designed specifically to elicit good feelings, this year's color goes especially well with muted neutrals and natural hues. 2022 Pantone BudgetBlinds MoodboardYou'll find a lot of brightness mixed in with Pantone's 2022 color palettes. You can incorporate the color of the year and Pantone's suggested color palettes. into your interior design via accents or use it to inspire a whole new interior look. Just remember to upgrade your window treatments to complement your new bright colors.

What is Pantone's 2022 color of the year?

Pantone's 2022 color of the year is Very Peri, and as the name suggests, it's a vibrant shade of periwinkle. Pantone has been unveiling a color of the year since 2000, but this year is the first time that Pantone has crafted a unique shade instead of selecting from their extensive color library. Very Peri combines tranquil blue with a splash of energetic red to create a warm blue that evokes happiness.

What is a Pantone color?

Pantone introduced its color matching system in the early 1960s. This system, which assigns numbers to specific colors, helped to standardize colors in the printing industry. Professionals in many industries rely on the Pantone color finder, including those working in beauty, fashion, design, and art. The color numbers work both for print and digital media to help ensure consistent color in products and across brands.

How does Pantone choose the colors of the year?

Experts from Pantone pay attention to the colors trending during fashion week and on the streets. They consider what's happening in other media, like film, photography, and other aesthetic trends, too. 

Finally, they take into consideration the tone of the year that has just passed and what kind of energy people would like to bring into the upcoming year. All these factors help Pantone select its color of the year.

What other colors are trending in 2022?

Very Peri comes with four suggested color palettes to help you integrate it into any design scheme. The first is called Balancing Act and features mostly muted warm tones that make Very Peri pop. Wellspring, the second palette, is filled with greens and blues that evoke the calmness of nature. The third palette is called The Star of the Show and contains all neutral browns and grays that show how to use Very Peri as an accent color. Finally, you have the Amusements palette, which is filled with fun and romantic Pantone pinks.

Pantone also releases color palettes for the London and New York fashion weeks. For 2022, both palettes feature vibrant jewel tones and deep neutrals, all with a bit of whimsy. 

The overall theme of Pantone's 2022 colors is energy and joy, and you can expect to see these color trends on runways and in advertisements throughout the year. The colors are great if you like bold statements, but if you're a fan of muted neutrals, don't worry — a few small accents with these 2022 trends are all you need.

How do the Pantone 2022 colors work with different design styles?

The best way to incorporate Pantone's color of the year into your interior design style is to check out the complementary palettes. Use a mood board to collect your ideas and visualize how different furniture, drapes, and accessory combinations will look together. You don't have to stick with the exact complementary shades Pantone has chosen, but these are great jumping-off points for your mood board.

For example, The Star of the Show palette contains many colors you'll find in rustic interior decor. If you have wood blinds or woven wood shades, a pop of Very Peri looks great with natural tones, so you might want to try incorporating it into your throw pillows or wall art. 

If your interior has a more eclectic look, you might notice how Very Peri harmonizes with the colors in the Balancing Act palette. Place it next to similar colors in your existing design scheme.

How can you incorporate these colors into your window treatments?

Window treatments highlight your interior design scheme. Bright drapes can act as an accent wall, while the right set of shades or blinds helps you pull off a variety of looks, from traditional to mid-century modern. Bring 2022's colors into your home by taking a good look at new ways you can style your window treatments.

Curtains and Drapes

We love when window treatments, especially drapes and accessories, are on-trend with color themes because we can help you change them out with ease. A set of beautiful drapes will set off the colors and accessories you have in each room, especially if those drapes are on a large window. If you're accessorizing with Very Peri or one of the other bright colors that are on-trend for 2022, go for neutral window treatments in a complementary hue.


Another option is to get custom-printed graphic shades featuring a trendy 2022 color. We can size the shades to fit your windows exactly, and we offer a variety of opacity options, so you get the perfect level of sunlight in each room. Don't forget that your custom shades can be motorized. With this option, timed systems can raise and lower your shades without any thought from you.


If you'd like a bright Pantone color to directly accent your window treatments, get a ribbon or a tie back for your drapes in the 2022 Pantone color you like the most. Incorporating color in small bursts is a great way to use bright colors to enhance an otherwise neutral palette. 

Choose a few other small pops of color throughout the room, like candles and other decorative items. If you have wide windowsills on out-of-the-way windows, you can place some colorful accessories there to catch the sun.

We won't leave you to figure all this out on your own! Schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation with one of our local design experts. Window treatments that have been custom-made for your home will tie your interior design look together while giving you control over the amount of light entering each room. We're here to help you get the perfect color and style fitted to your windows, so give us a call today.

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