How Often Should You Replace Your Drapes in Bellingham?

People buy drapes in Bellingham for all sorts of reasons. They can make excellent quick window coverings as you don’t always need to buy custom-made options and they offer a wide range of benefits. They are also excellent decorative items in the home.

Something that you’ll want to keep an eye on is the deterioration of the material. Drapes are made of fabric, and fabrics can succumb to UV damage a lot more than other, more durable materials out there. Just how long will your drapes last?

The Lifetime of Drapes

The average lifetime of drapes in Bellingham is seven to eight years. There are some that will last longer than that if they’ve been cared for, but with continuous use, you’re looking at getting just short of a decade from the material.

One of the ways to extend the life is to change up your drapes regularly. You could have a set of sheer drapes for the summer and then a set of thermal drapes for the winter. If they are cared for between uses, you’ll be able to double the lifetime since you’re not using them as much.

While drapes do have a limited lifespan, it is worth keeping an eye on them. You could find some drapes don’t even last that long, while others will last much longer.

Make Sure They Have a Lining

When you buy drapes in Bellingham, you need to make sure they have a lining. The material of drapes doesn’t usually handle the UV rays well. The rays can bleach the materials, causing them to disintegrate a lot quicker than they should. The lining is the best way to prevent that.

A lining is created with material that handles the UV rays a little better. While not perfect, it won’t succumb to the bleaching as much as the main material of the drapes. This helps to withstand against disintegration.

With a lining, you are more likely to get the maximum time of your drapes. Without one, you could see the drapes only last a few years.

Protect Your Drapes for a Longer Lifetime

You can help to extend the lifetime of the drapes in Bellingham with the right care and attention. Take the time to remove the dust and dander that can get caught up in the material. You can do this easily with the upholstery nozzle or pet hair nozzle on your vacuum.

It is possible to wash drapes. You may want to consider doing this every once in a while. Make sure you follow all the instructions on the label, including the temperature to wash on and whether they can be put in any of the machines.

In the majority of cases, you’ll get seven to eight years out of your drapes in Bellingham. It is possible to extend the life at times, but you’ll need to care for them fully. The lining is one of the most important parts of drapes to make sure they last as long as they do.

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