Are Plantation Shutters and Plantation Blinds in Bellingham Different?

There are many different types of names for the same types of products. Is that the case when it comes to plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Bellingham? Are they two different window coverings for the home?

The two are different names for the same products. Now you’ll want to look at the benefits of these types of window coverings. Why should you get plantation shutters or blinds for your home?

They Add Value to Your Home

One of the biggest benefits of getting shutters or these types of blinds is that they add value to your home. Plantation blinds in Bellingham are permanent options for the house. They remain in place when you sell, which adds value. Prospective buyers don’t need to worry about window treatments when they buy your home.

They also add value by offering better curb appeal. Your window coverings will all be the same, at least from the outside. They get rid of the Skittles window look that leave things a little overwhelming when walking in. Bad curb appeal leads to negative thoughts inside the home.

You Gain Multiple Temperature Benefits in the Home

Plantation blinds in Bellingham also offer excellent temperature benefits in the home. In the winter, you have a physical barrier against the windows preventing the heat from escaping. You can prevent the heat getting through the window to heat up the area outside. You’ll use the heating less to save money on the bills.

In the summer, you gain the benefit of reducing the rising temperatures in the home. The blinds will block the UV rays coming through, although you don’t need to lose all natural light. Without the UV rays, the room won’t warm up as much, so you don’t need the air con as much.

Plantation Blinds in Bellingham Offer Excellent Light Benefits

Do you just hate the glare that comes into your home? Whether summer, winter, or a season in between, you end up dealing with the UV rays coming through your window and making your living area uncomfortable to sit in.

That’s not the case with a good set of shutters or blinds. The louvers can be twisted to avoid the glare, whether it comes from high in the sky or is a reflection from the snow. You’ll be able to sit in your home without using your hands to block that light.

You Gain the Privacy You Need in Your Home

Another excellent benefit of getting plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Bellingham is the privacy aspect. You get to control just how much view comes into your home, while still allowing plenty of light to come through your window during the day.

There’s no need to block the entire view out of your house at the same time. You’ll still be able to keep an eye on events happening outside without people seeing you.

It’s time to look at the different names for the same types of window coverings. Plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Bellingham are the same treatments, and they offer a range of benefits for the home.

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