3 Factors to Consider When Buying Kitchen Window Treatments in Bellingham

It’s time to get something for those kitchen windows. You’re fed up with the glare, or maybe there are changes outside that have led to privacy issues. You want to find good kitchen window treatments in Bellingham, but it’s not as simple as just matching what you have in other rooms.

The kitchen is a problematic place for window coverings. It doesn’t matter if your window is close to the stove or not. You will end up facing these three problems that limit your choices for kitchen window coverings.

The Heat in the Room While Cooking

Think about how hot the room can get when you’re cooking. You need kitchen window treatments in Bellingham that are going to handle the heat. It doesn’t matter if the heat is for an hour or so or it goes on for the whole day.

Heat can cause problems to some window treatments. You run the risk of the materials warping, or they can succumb to damage as the heat gets into the fibers. The window coverings won’t last as long as they should, meaning you need to spend more money on them.

Faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum window coverings are great for the kitchen. They are all designed to handle the heat.

Kitchen Window Treatments in Bellingham for Moisture

The next problem is moisture. Depending on what you’re cooking, you could end up with a lot of humidity. The water will get into the material of the window coverings and sit there. This can cause long-term damage, including mold issues.

Even without the heat, the moisture is a problem. If you have a sink by the window, you run the risk of water splashing back on the window coverings. Again, you’re dealing with moisture damage if the window coverings don’t dry quickly enough.

As the moisture damage increases, the window coverings will look unsightly. They can also be a health risk depending on the level of damage, so you’ll need to replace them sooner than you would if it didn’t succumb to water damage.

Consider the Grease in the Room

When you’re cooking, you will need to use oil. This oil evaporates into the air, and you’ll find it settles on all parts of the room. Just take a look at some of the areas not even close to the stove. You’ll find the top of the fridge and even the top of your light fixtures can end up with grease piling up. These parts of the room are a little easier to deal with.

The problem is the kitchen window treatments in Bellingham. The grease will also affect them, leading to the potential of grease spots on the coverings. There’s nothing you can do for grease spots if you haven’t cared for the window coverings before they got them. The only option is to replace.

You can get window coverings that don’t allow the grease to soak in. They’ll act like your fridge or light fixtures where you can use products to clean them instead.

The kitchen is still a room that needs window coverings. You now just need to find the right kitchen window treatments in Bellingham.

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