Are Cedar Shutters in Austin Worth Investing In?

When it comes to getting wooden shutters, you need to make sure you have the right type of wood. Cedar shutters in Austin are particularly popular in most circles. Does this mean they’re worth investing in? Should you opt for a different type of wood?

It’s worth looking at the pros and cons of cedar for window coverings. This way you’ll know if this is a material worth investing in for long-term window coverings.

Cedar Is a Popular Wood

Cost wise, you’re going to spend less on cedar shutters in Austin than some of the other types of woods out there. This is because it’s so popular. Manufacturers are constantly making shutters out of this wood because there is such a high demand for it, and the supply it still good.

If you want a wood that is a little harder to source, you’ll end up paying more for it. So, if your budget is something of a concern, this is what you’ll need to consider.

This Wood Can Last for Decades

Cedar shutters in Austin are worth the investment when it comes to longevity. Cedar is one of those long-term woods. It’s possible to make the shutters last for 20 years and even more. You’ve heard of people having shutters for 50+ years, and this is likely the material that was used for that.

They will require some maintenance to gain this. You’ll need to sand and revarnish the shutters every few years. The maintenance is going to be worth it when you don’t have to buy a new set of shutters any time soon.

You Can Repaint When You Want

You will usually get shutters that come in a neutral color. This could be white, but you may opt for the natural wood color. Then after a few years you realize that you want something bold and pretty. This leads to repainting your window coverings.

The good news about cedar shutters in Austin is that they are easy to paint. You only need some primer, and you’ll want to put a protective layer over the top of the paint, but otherwise, you get to paint your shutters whatever color you want. This is great when you want external shutters that show off your style.

Cedar is Resistant to Insects and Decay

There are a lot of concerns about wooden shutters warping in the heat, breaking down with decay, or being attractive for insects. The latter is especially problematic if you have outdoor shutters. Well, cedar shutters in Austin are the answer to all this.

The wood is resistant to a lot of problems. You’ll still need a sealant over the top of them. This will help to protect the wood. In the majority of cases, though, this wood is resistant to insects and decay, meaning your exterior shutters are going to last much longer.

If you look around at the wooden shutters in the neighborhood, you’ll find that a lot of people have chosen cedar shutters in Austin. This is because they are more than worth investing in.

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