5 Surprising Ways to Use Your Old and Worn-Down Mini Blinds in Anaheim Hills

You’ve got a set of mini blinds in Anaheim Hills that has come to the end of its life. That’s normal. After a few decades, they’re going to need replacing. The problem is you’re left with a set of blinds that will just go to the landfill.

 With the environment in the state that it is, you want to recycle as much as possible. We commend you for that, which is why we’re offering some surprising ways that you can use your old and worn-down mini blinds.

 Create Decorations With Them

 Why not make decorations for around the home? You can spiralize some mini blinds in Anaheim Hills, allowing them to create a fancy light shade. You could cut the slats to different lengths, paint them, and add them to a mirror to create a beautiful sun dial-like craft.

 You can even create flags, seasonal decors, and more with the slats. Just stick them together and paint. It’s amazing how something so small can lead to something so amazing. There’s no need to just throw out. 

Use for Your Arts and Crafts Sets

 Put some of the broken slats into your parts and crafts sets. They can be used for tidying up the glitter that spilt or painting pictures. Your kids will love having something different and unique in their sets, and they’ll want to do more arts and crafts.

 Plus, you get to avoid buying extra items from the stores. You save money while protecting the environment.

 Make Use in Your Vegetable Patch

 How about looking at your vegetable patch or herb garden. Do you really know where the carrots end and the potatoes begin? Let your mini blinds in Anaheim Hills tell you. 

The slats work well as signs. You can use permanent marker, whether you have vinyl or real wood. If you opted for fabric, use for signs inside the house instead.

 Create Useful Baskets Around Your Home

 Create boxes with the slats. You can weave them together, bending the material around to create the four sides of the box. Then you can staple together and layer with some soft material on the inside.

 You can never have too many storage boxes! You’ll also reduce the waste you buy in the stores because you already have boxes for storage!

 Make Your Own Roman Shades

 What are you replacing your mini blinds in Anaheim Hills with? Have you decided on the next set of window treatments? How about you make your own roman shades? You can use your mini blinds to help.

 The roman shades will need something to help each layer of the cascading material sit properly. You can slide the slat from the mini blind into the material and help the roman shades hang just right. It doesn’t matter how old the mini blind slats look. They won’t be seen!

 Make use of the mini blinds in Anaheim Hills. The less you put on the landfill the better for the environment. Get your creative mind in gear.

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