How Long Will Window Shades in Raymond Last?

You’ll hear a lot about the lifetime of window coverings. Each type of covering has its own lifetime, and you want to look at the lifetime of the exact items you’re getting. What about window shades in Raymond? How long are they supposed to last?

The exact amount of time will depend on the type of shades you get. In the majority of cases, you’re getting something that is made of fabric. This material faces a lot of heat and UV rays, all of which need to be considered when it comes to picking the colors and thickness of the material.

Average Lifetime of Window Shades in Raymond

Your window shades are going to last around five to seven years on average. This doesn’t sound that long, but it’s probably around the amount of time you keep the current décor. After around five years, you’ll look at updating it, and this often means changing up your window coverings, too.

In fact, five years is a good amount of time to save up for some types of window coverings. Maybe you always wanted shutters instead of shades. Use the five years to put the money into a savings account so you can get the best options when it comes to updating them.

Drapes Can Last a Little Longer

If you want to keep the costs down but want something that lasts longer, you’ll want to look at drapes instead of window shades in Raymond. Drapes tend to last around eight to 12 years.

Keep in mind that this is often due to the way drapes are used. It’s also linked to the lining that drapes will have. If you get drapes without a lining, you’re looking at a shorter lifespan.

You can also double up with other window coverings. This will help the drapes last longer, but you’re looking at the lifespan of your primary window coverings.

Looking After Your Window Coverings

If you want to get the full lifetime out of your window shades in Raymond, you’ll need to look after them. The good news is you don’t have to do a lot, but you will need to do a little on a regular basis.

The most important thing to do is clean. You want to make sure you spot clean any stains and use the upholstery setting on the vacuum to get rid of a buildup of dirt and dust. If you spot any fraying, you need to repair it as soon as possible. Leaving the fraying will just mean that it gets worse.

When opening and closing, make sure you do it carefully. There’s no need to put extra effort into the system, especially if it’s a cord. If you pull, you run the risk of tearing the fabric, and then you need to replace the whole thing.

You can get a good amount of time out of your window shades in Raymond. Five years is pretty good, and you’re likely to upgrade the décor by then. If you want seven years or longer, make sure you look after your window coverings.

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